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ARSTECH GUILD Inc. Game Engineer (New Graduate Recruitment)
Game Programmer
3M JPY - ***M JPY
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Full-time (permanent)
Online Interview: Yes
Remote Work from Overseas: No / Remote Work in Japan: No

Language Requirements

  • Japanese: Business
  • English: Greetings/None
  • JLPT: N2
  • Japanese: Fluent
Top-Selling Points
No experience necessary Fast and short-term placement Start-up International employees
Job Description
Required Skills and Experiences
Required Experience in game development of some kind C language understanding Japanese language skills (daily conversational level / N2 or equivalent preferred) Japanese language skills (daily conversational level is preferred) ・Ability to work in Tokyo (remote working is not acceptable) Those who plan to graduate in 2024-2025 (university, graduate school, etc.) *If you do not have work experience but are studying at school, etc., please contact us. Welcome requirements】・・・Unreal Engine console games Experience in console game development with Unreal Engine Required language skills Japanese: Business Level
Related Skills
Design / Graphic / Creative tools
Programming Language
C C++
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1-21 of 551 jobs