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kknexes [IT Engineer] Remote available/ Visa support/Java, PHP, Perl, C#, and many other projects available.
Backend Engineer 3More
5M JPY - ***M JPY
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Tokyo 5More
Full-time (permanent)
Online Interview: Yes
Remote Work from Overseas: No / Remote Work in Japan: Yes

Language Requirements

  • Japanese: Fluent
  • English: Greetings/None
  • JLPT: N2
  • No Data
Top-Selling Points
Rate of Foreigners
Less Than
Frequency of English Usage
No Data
Remote work Flex-time Short overtime work (less than 20 hours) Company housing/ Rent subsidy International employees
Job Description
Required Skills and Experiences
■Required: Development Skills ・Working experience in IT development (more than 1 year) *Any of the following skills are preferred for immediate employment. Experience in Java, PHP, Perl, C#, .NET, iOS, Android, COBOL, C++, and embedded development ■Required: Soft skills ・Academic background not required ・Japanese language proficiency N2 or above ■Preferred ■Ideal Applicants ▪ Any person who is interested in IT industry and motivated is welcome regardless of his/her major field of study. ▪Able to continue studying with ambition. ▪ A team player who cares about his/her colleagues ▪People who are willing to take on challenges without fear of change or failure ▪ People who have a clear dream (goal) for the next 5 or 10 years
Related Skills
Programming Language
Java PHP Perl C# .NET COBOL C++
Operating System
ios Android
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1-21 of 474 jobs