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FamilyTech, Inc. Front End Engineer wanted for Family Bank, a family account service for married couples!
Frontend Engineer 1More
6.5M JPY - ***M JPY
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Full-time (permanent)
Online Interview: Yes
Remote Work from Overseas: Yes / Remote Work in Japan: Yes

Language Requirements

  • Japanese: Business
  • English: Daily Conversation
  • Japanese: Business
  • English: Daily Conversation
Top-Selling Points
Remote work Flex-time Japanese learning support New business Stock Option provided New office Start-up side job OK
Job Description
Required Skills and Experiences
Technology used - ReactNative - Node.js(express) - TypeScript - Laravel - MySQL - AWS - GCP - Metabase Required Skills - 5+ years of engineering experience (or equivalent) - Experience building a service from scratch with one person or a small group of people - Experience in a position equivalent to an employee at a business company Welcome experience - Experience in server-side development - Experience in financial system development - English-speaking business execution - Experience in team building and organization building
Related Skills
React Native Node.js
Programming Language
Cloud / Infrastructure / DevOps tools
AWS Google Cloud Platform(GCP)
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1-21 of 24 jobs