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LabBase, Inc. [Backend Engineer] Rust/Full Remote/Scraping/VISA support
Backend Engineer
6M JPY - ***M JPY
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Hokkaido 47More
Full-time (permanent)
Online Interview: Yes
Remote Work from Overseas: No / Remote Work in Japan: Yes

Language Requirements

  • Japanese: Business
  • English: Greetings/None
  • JLPT: N2
  • No Data
Top-Selling Points
Rate of Foreigners
Less Than
Frequency of English Usage
No Data
Remote work New business Start-up In-house product development No dispatch
Job Description
Required Skills and Experiences
【Qualification】 - Experience in web service development (at the level of having designed an entire system on one's own) - Technical flexibility not bound to a specific language or methodology - Ability to proactively carry out ownership - Great Japanese skills to communicate with Japanese teams(approximately N2 or above) 【 Welcome skills】 - Development experience using Rust, C/C++, GO, TypeScript, React - Knowledge of infrastructure and experience in building such infrastructure (can build scraping/crawling systems on your own) - Knowledge and experience with distributed processing (e.g. Apache Kafka) - Knowledge and experience with headless browsers - Knowledge and experience with blocking measures - Experience in leading multiple engineers to drive a project 【Ideal candidate profile】 - Empathize with our purpose - A person who want to create new value in the world and build a better society through our products - A person who can take initiative to ensure the success of the team - A person who are enthusiastic about challenging the unknown - A person who can develop products with an awareness of cost
Related Skills
Programming Language
Rust C++ TypeScript
MySQL DynamoDB
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1-21 of 25 jobs