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G Talent Project Manager
Project Manager, Project Leader
7M JPY - ***M JPY
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Tokyo 1More
Full-time (permanent)
Online Interview: Yes
Remote Work from Overseas: No / Remote Work in Japan: No

Language Requirements

  • Japanese: Business
  • English: Greetings/None
  • No Data
Job Description
Required Skills and Experiences
■Required ・5+ years of experience in web system development ・Management experience of about 5 people ・Experience in requirement definition and basic design process ・Continuous improvement of technical skills ■Preferred ・Experience or knowledge of development in advanced technology areas ・English language skills (readable) ■Ideal Applicants ・Project managers with strong technical driving skills ・Able to share the company's business and vision ・Able to work with ambition, motivation and a sense of responsibility ・Able to accept things honestly ・Able to work proactively
Related Skills
Programming Language
C C# C++ Go Java JavaScript PHP Python Ruby Rust Scala
Management/System project Experience
Project Management
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1-21 of 86 jobs